Projects In Development | Synopsis

JFK, The Final Interview

An interview with President Kennedy on Nov.22,1963 in the Oval Office, just before he left for Dallas where he was soon after murdered . In his own words.

 The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 
When talking about the Holocaust the question that most often comes up is, "How could they let this happen?"  There are many answers that can be correct, with no one complete answer. The one most often heard . We never dreamed that a modern civilized society like Germany could be capable of such mass murder carried out with such Nazi ruthless efficiency . Soon after the  German invasion of Poland, the Nazis rounded up thousands of Jews by October, 1940. They walled up a section of the city of Warsaw forced all Jews to live in detention until they were order to report for transfer to the concentration camps tobe immediately put to death in the gas chambers, or worked to death  before going to the ovens. When these got back to the ghetto, the Jews made the decision to fight back, known to history as the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. This marks the beginning of the end of Jewish submission, discrimination, oppression, resulting in genocide The Warsaw Ghetto Jews , held off the might of the German army for over twenty eight days, longer than the Polish army held off the German invasion of their country. This story is a personal account of some of the heroes and villainsof the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

 Detail Man 

Detail man has been described as a low tech Mission Impossible and when Rambo meets the Godfather, driven by street wise guys. Nick Falco is a retired street soldier who's former bosses continue to bring him back,out of retirement because he's so good at what he does. Spanky is a family captain who was sent out to K.C. to control things, but has gone rogue to the tune of $1,3 million. Nick is being sent out there to collect, and bring Spanky back into line. 

This first episode was written to be 90 mins.,leaving open multiple future story lines.

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (Made-For-T.V.-Series) 

A contemporary version of 1939 of the Frank Capra classic "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" starring Jimmie Stuart. 

Dancers on the River 

Originally written for an episode of FAME, the TV series before it was cancelled.  Mr. Forbes is a history teacher at the School of the Performing Arts. The episode opens with Mr. Sherovsky is entering the building before school starts. He hears the sound of classical guitar that emanates from the auditorium. Mr. Forbes thinking he is alone is surprised  that he is no longer alone. Mr. Forbes request from Mr. Sherovovsky that he keeps his talent a secret from the staff and students. Not understanding Mr. Shovovsky agrees. Mr. Forbes care for his very ill wife at home where they live a very quiet & secret life. This is a beautiful tragic Shakespearian  love story 

The Dishonoring of a West Point Cadet (1986) 
This is a true story taken from the front page of the newspaper. Francis Biff Shea was a West Point Cadet in good standing, who after four years, and four days before he was to graduate was brought of on charges of  larceny and conduct unbecoming an officer. The story tracts his investigation and court battle he and his family fought against against the Army's morally  corrupt judicial system 

Family Blood has been described as Rambo meets the Godfather. a violent action movie that explores the traditions of the military and a organized crime family, and how much they have in common. Frank Mancina is a Vietnam vets who is having difficulties trying to adjust to civilian life without much success . Many night he is awakened by nightmares of the war. we see him running the streets and the high school track early mornings while it's still dark.  TJ, his dedicated friend who he served in Vietnam with, who is in poor health due to his unhealthy habits. Frank with no intention to get involved finds himself in the middle of a bank robbery, that violently wrong. To survive Frank kills one of the perpetrators who turns out to be the son of one of the heads of the Five Families. There is a contract put out on Franks life father and head of the family.  Frank with the assistance of TJ are in a battle of survival. 
The resolution of this conflict has a surprise dramatic ending 

Looking For Yazda 
A true "Who Done It?" story from the files of police investigator Sonny Guluska.  It is about the investigation of a beautiful showgirl, when the investigation was almost complete, a shocking revelation was revealed , the entire investigation had to be re investigated. 

With All Due Respect 
Scenes from the life and times of the police career of Lt. Investigator Sunny Guluska. 

Wild Tire 
Based on the Lassie stories of the late 1940's, only instead of a dog, the central character is a tire. To be filmed in color by Cinema Scope. 
At this time we are preparing an illustrated children's book.  Future possibilities are a live action movie, or a animated film.